This challenge is asking families to attempt to stay within a social assistance budget for five days. Ontario Works benefits provide a maximum basic needs for a couple with any amount of children is $458.00; this sets the challenge budget at $75.00 per family, or $15 per day. A single parent would receive $344.00 per month, therefore, their challenge budget will be $60.00 or $12.00 per day.

The budget includes all food and drink, entertainment, some personal supplies and transportation costs. Each family will be given daily challenge cards which will reveal additional challenges to be completed before the end of each day. As the family completes the challenge, they will blog about their experience.

Griffiths Family

Griffiths Family

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Homemade bathing suit and how to pay for swimming lessons?

I decided to remake last years bathing suit, I took an old gymnastics out fits elastic and made last years one piece into a bikini.  I didn't want to spend my last $18 on two bathing suits so I borrowed a needle and thread to remake my daughters and am going to use some of the bigger shorts from last summer with underwear for my sons suit.  I am quite good at sewing thanks to my mother, this is a skill that doesn't make me money but can save me from spending the funds I do have.

For women who do not have funds for sewing equipment but would like to learn or need a space to fix up some older clothing I believe they can use Women's places sewing/craft room which is another amazing resource we have for people to take advantage of.  Sometimes the resources that are available are hard for me to use because I don't live in town and it would cost me more to go access them then to hand stitch or save up to purchase something for my house.  If I was on a low income for an extended amount of time I would live in town so that resources and services would be easier for me to access and I know it would be nearly impossible to drive.

Swimming lessons made me think about having to pay for them, I have accessed funds through Triple Play in the past and am so blessed to have been approved.  I find it difficult to pay for sports, even though there are funds available for children to take part in sports, people on low income would have trouble getting the children there during the winter.  Packing meals, standing out in the cold waiting for a bus with two children and then the delay in getting back home for bedtime would be difficult.  We have cold weather 8 months of the year...It might be nice to have heated bus shelters.  My children are in swimming lessons and I pack a meal the day before, pick the kids up from school and go to the pool from 4:30-7:30 two times a week and if I had to cab or bus there they would not be in it.

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